the Mojo SDK is published as a debian 'deb' package. one forum member had success installing 'alien', the 'deb' to 'rpm' conversion tool (convert from a debian installation package to a fedora installation package) and using it to create fedora rpm's from the Mojo SDK and novacom 'deb' files. but it is also easy just to install them by hand.

'deb' files are just 'ar' files, so "ar t blah.deb" will list its contents and "ar xv blah.deb" will unpack the files.

deb packages contain a "control.tar.gz" and a "data.tar.gz" file. grab the 'postinst' script from the control file and move the data.tar.gz files into the correct locations on your linux box. note that /usr/local files in data.tar.gz are usually symlinks. once the files are in the correct locations, check the 'postinst' script and either run it directly or type in the commands by hand.

this method worked for both the Mojo SDK and the novacom package. i have successfully run novaterm and the simulator under fedora core 11.

don't forget to install VirtualBox (from the rpmfusion repository) before installing the Mojo SDK.