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    Hey everyone, new here, and have a question, already.

    So I was able to root my Pre (thank god), and now that im logged in the putty, all the commands (tyiping, moving up and down with the arrows) takes forever... I mean it very slow in response. any reasoning behind this? possible fix?

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    Check the processes on your pc. If there is a Novacom Process eating up CPU try killing it.
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    Also are you shelled in using WiFi or EVDO. EVDO is much slower depending on signal strength.
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    i think i'm having a similar problem. At my apartment, putty returns things instantly, but at my parents house, it took 30seconds to prompt me for my password after putting in my login. not to mention what i type doesn't appear for about 5 to 20 seconds after i type it.. what gives?

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