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    Nvm, FileCoaster does this already. Durr.

    I guess most people know about this browser limitation. You click link to a MP3 file and the only option you have is to stream it. It sucks because I hit dead spots in my daily routine and would also like to fast forward easily.

    I was thinking maybe an app could overcome this limitation because hacking the browser may be a little much for most users. It's a round about way, but this is how I envision it working. You'd paste a webpage url into the app then it would parse through the page contents looking for links to .MP3 files. After that, the user would select one of the links it found. The app would download, save, and organize the file within the app. Playback would also be within the app instead of the regular music player. Alternatively, the user could just paste a direct link to a MP3 file and it would essentially do the same thing just skipping the first steps. Perhaps the app could be enhanced to accept image files too.

    The PrePod App (I <3 btw) allows you to download and save podcasts, which are just .mp3 files, and play them within the app later, so it seems like it would be technically feasible.

    Can any devs comment on the technical feasibility of an app that could save MP3 files?

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    I just updated this page Patch Browser Downloading Files - WebOS Internals to work with 1.1.

    Yep, I know File Coaster does it, but sometimes it's not so trivial to get the URL of the mp3, and it's nice to be able to just click the link. (Or am I missing something? Is there some WebOS equivalent to "Copy Link Location?")

    I haven't updated the actual patch file yet -- any volunteers? The code changes (which are minor, coming from the 1.0 version of the patch) are up there.


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