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    i dont know how many of yall out there hunt or fish, but these tables can really help. i have found that there was an old palm version someone made a while back, but if it could be done to where you put in your zip code and you get the tables on your palm pre that would be sweet. thanks
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    Feeding times for fishing & hunting based on zip code or by using location services GPS like my old Magellan GPS had would be incredible!!
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    I hunt and fish and develop. Great combination, huh?

    Where can I find these online for reference? I used to use that weird dial looking thing, but it costs like 30 bucks... If I could make an app that would be sweet!
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    i have under 10 posts so i cant put up links, but at cnet , they have an old download for a palm OS 2.x from jan. of 02. and i belive that espn outdoors has one. let me know if you need something more than that. a few places offer a free months worth of tables as well.

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