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    Well, listen, the truth is, I tried doing all of this Mojo JoJo stuff but....

    I suck. However, I know a lot of people would be willing to pay for this app when it comes time to put it in the APP CAT.

    But, it's a type of Puzzle (brand name is called KenKen) but I believe there is another generic name for it. Can't recall it right now.

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    Welcome to KENKENĀ®!

    Great game! Love it for my iPhone.

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    Hi thank for sharing i really like these puzzles games...
    puzzles game allows more fun between eyes and mind...
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    Hi I'm a real big fan of puzzle games and have created numerous puzzle based apps in the past for a number of formats, most recently I did B'lox! and Mined Out! for the Palm Pre/2 (both are available on the App Catalog). I also did Drench, Logic Champs and a couple of other puzzlers for the Wiz and GP2X. B'lox! is also available on iOS devices.

    I might have a look at trying this, although I am currently working on a different puzzle game as we speak.
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    Sorry for the double post, but it's coming (put the other game to one side for now)

    Very WIP

    The "cage" values aren't displaying (the operators are currently random) and I have a bit more maths to do to with these, but the hidden numbers are created dynamically, so each puzzle is totally unique. I've currently got 10+ (planning 20+) different cage layouts for each of the grid sizes supported (3 to 6).

    Pencil marks are in and working (as can be seen). Eraser works on pencil marks and numbers entered into cages. So basically it's playable, just need to sort out the operations bits. And title screen. Options. Instructions. etc. etc.

    The background is animated and I currently have a number of themes/background pictures, although some don't work properly yet.

    Is this along the lines of what you wanted?

    KenKen and KenDoku are licensed names, so I'll have to come up with something similar. Possibles are -


    Any ideas? Something with "Ken" in would be preferable, as potential users are likely to search for "Ken" but I'm open.
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    Yet another post regarding this (old) request.

    Here's a small .IPK playable WIP demo of this app. - Install it with QuickInstall or whatever you usually use.

    It allows you to play a randomly generated 4x4 puzzle. There is no WIN checking (or celebration) yet, but you can at least get a feel for the game. You can see the correct answers by pressing SPACE at any time.

    To play, just click on a number and then click the cell you want to hold that number.

    The HOME button doesn't function yet.
    The blank button has no function yet.
    Pencil and Eraser work as expected, allowing you to mark potential values in the relevant cell
    There is no way to exit, other than using the gesture area.
    Every time you run this app you will generate a completely new set of hidden values - there will only ever be one solution for the puzzle. The cages stay the same in this demo.

    Remember, this is a WIP demo and there may still be bugs and strange behaviours.

    So, there you go - until just a few days ago I'd never even heard of this game.
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