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    I've been playing around a bit with form elements in the Pre's browser. I was very disappointed that typing a letter with a form SELECT open will not jump to an option starting with that letter.

    Recently, I did stumble upon a partial implementation of this functionality.
    Typing on the keyboard while a SELECT has focus but is not open (although there is no on-screen indication of focus) WILL scroll the SELECT to an option starting with that letter without actually opening the SELECT onscreen. Unfortunately the usefulness of this is really compromised because even though the SELECT changes onscreen, it DOES NOT trigger an onChange event for the SELECT. That means that as things stand I still can't provide any useful functionality with it.

    This does however give me hope that a full implementation of this extremely useful functionality could be forthcoming since the browser obviously already listens for and reacts to keypresses with a SELECT in 'focus'...
    ...It seems very strange that this is not implemented in an open SELECT, and only shows up in a 'focused' SELECT even though there is no highlighting to indicate that focus...
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    ...Further exploration: An 'enter' keypress will kickoff an onChange event for the SELECT.

    QUESTION: Does anyone know if there is an 'official' TAB replacement e.g. 'shift-enter' that will jump though form elements without kicking off a SUBMIT?

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