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    All in favor, signify by saying I,

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    I agree with this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nchopp View Post
    Shouldn't be too hard...
    Then go ahead and whip it up real quick!

    I'll look into it a little deeper and see if I can't create something usable.
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    I did not even realize that site existed I use to listen to my police scanner until our local police dept upgraded all there equipment to digital and it was going to cost me another 800 bucks to get a scanner that was capable of receiving the new signals then they told me that the scanner would still need a chip added to it so I stopped listening in now I bookmarked this site and hope for someone to come up with this app.

    ooops almost forgot..

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    This would be epic.
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    This would be nice, i left a BB, now i feel left out.
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    as a vol firefighter, and ham radio op, i am constantly listing to my scanner. I have a few scanner on at once along with my 2m and 70cm radios running and a sw receiver. if someone could find a program that lets me stream, i could serve it. the only downside is it would only be the rhode island and south eastern mass area. i know theres some stuff out there i just have not looked into it all that well.
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    SCK Manager
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    i want
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