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    I'm looking for some expert advise. I been searching the fourums, even scoured the predev wiki and can't seem to find a solution to the current problem I'm having.

    I have safari, virtualbox, palm webos sdk, and the which i extracted in the c:/pre/sdk/bins. I finally got as far as I can and now i hit a brick wall. I was going step by step from the predev wiki and now I'm tryiing to connect to my pre via novaterm, but it keeps telling me "unable to connect to novacomd". I checked and made sure the service was running. I stopped it and had it restarted. Even took my phone out of dev mode, and restarted it and no use. rebooted the pc, and still no use. I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate RC Build 6100. I ran into previous issues which I had fixed by reading on the forms but now I can't get anywhere. I got the webOS Installer to work and put on filecoaster. From there I can add homebrew which I have many now but the reason I'm trying to homebrew now is for the smaller changes there aren't homebrew apps for, such as adding multiple pages to the launcher, and the battery precentage on the screen would be nice.

    any help will be appreciated. the wiki doesn't state what do it under the issue i have. tried all that i know how to do.

    anyone know of any other method to log-in the pre as root?

    thanks in advance.
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    The SDK and Novacom setup is not properly working with Windows 7. After messing with some of the other posts and sites on how to get it to work it was to unstable.

    I am running Windows 7 build 7100 64bit. I actually just installed Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC, installed everything in there. Works like a charm, no hackery etc etc... I usually recommend that for most people as it is way more stable. here is the link for XP Mode and VPC RC. The only issue with this is unless your computer is a beast, plan to test on your device as it takes to much to run the emulator. Its doable but VM inside of VM, kind of pointless.

    Windows Virtual PC: Download

    Note: you will want to turn on Virtual Machine support from the bios if you have it as an option.

    Then just use the commandline from within xp. Being that Windows 7 is about to officially release to the masses (aside from tn and msdn) I would expect that to be released sometime in the near future.
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