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    I have an app idea that I want to make, but since i don't have a pre its kinda impossible for me to test as i need the keyboard.

    Its called RockTar and its a simulated guitar on the Palm Pre.

    You have to hold the Pre upside-down for it to function properly.

    I want you guys to see if this idea is cool or not

    Heres a Mock-up.

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    Palm SDK has a great Emulator. It's a great idea though.
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    Yes but I need audio for it to work and the SDK wont do audio as i have Prebrewfarts on the sdk but no audio is working.
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    Yeah - the fact that the sdk does not support sound at this time is a bummer.

    So your asking to be able to play this as a "real" guitar?
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    Not a real guitar, but a guitar just to have fun with.
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    Just to be clear, the SDK supports audio. The emulator does not.

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