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    Say one wanted to write a turn-based two-player game for WebOS. Something similar to chess, not very graphic intensive. What options, if any, does WebOS allow for inter-Pre communication? How can one make an application so that you and your friend could play the game against each other, each using their own Pre?

    I am unsure if WebOS allows an app to send and receive emails with other apps. I read that it is possible to use the Hamachi VPN, but that seems sort of extreme for something like this.
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    As far as I know, the only (Mojo) way to get to talk to anything outside the pre is with Ajax. There is no socket stuff. The only way you would be able to talk to the pre sitting next to you, is through a web server on the internets.
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    Ah, well, I guess it is "hot-palm" game play, where the two players pass the Pre back and forth.

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