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    Alright, so anyone that has Facebook/MySpace, knows of these apps like Vampires, Mafia, Dragon Wars, etc. They are all the same, just stuff within the game is named different. Well, I know these have been ported to the iPhone, called m:Vampires, mragon Wars, etc using Moblyng. Would it be possible for the homebrew community to make these available for the Pre? I know on the site I just linked it talks about porting to the Pre/WebOS with apps like that, and would be really awesome if it could be done.

    Anyone up for the challenge? =]
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    In the meantime, you can run Mafia Wars on facebook fine from the native web browser:
    Login | Facebook
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    Hi my code is 676256031. Please feel free to add me.
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    Vampires: 730 459 576
    zombies: 677 180 594
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    Vampires: 730 459 576
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    wow, you dug up a thread eight months old to plug you player id's. Nice move!
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    I'm having a problem with m:mafia where it won't launch. Is there a way to fix this? It's been going on for over a week now and I'm about ready to delete the program.

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