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    Forums webOS • View topic - how to submit to the App Catalog?

    Interesting replies by KrisSiegel and Chuq. With all this nudgenudgewinkwink action going on, can we glean that we'll see some real official app action forthwith?

    KrisSiegel Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 4:28 pm
    David, this is probably not the most appropriate place to discuss the early access section... but check the announcements .

    webOSdev Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2009 10:12 pm
    Kris is right. If you were in the EAP, check the announcements area. If you weren't, be a bit patient, we're working to get to the point where we open this up to everyone.
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    They actually sent out a special email to the EAP members last night about submitting advance applications for apps that are still in progress. If you are an EAP member, check the email account with which you signed up.

    Also, when they say "check the announcements area", they are referring to the private EAP forum, not
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    Thanks! I got that last bit, but since I'm not in the EAP, I hunt around the forums for hints.

    What you just confirmed is good logic goes like this. (By Palm, I guess I mean the dev team):
    - Palm had a lot of partners, not all of whom have produced their stuff
    - Palm opened the EAP to the first wave
    - Palm enlarged the EAP (this is about when the SDK was leaked)
    - Palm is asking for more work! Does this mean that Palm's done taking care of the above three categories are just waiting the App Catalog's greenlight and grand opening?

    What do you mean by "application" in "advance application"? An application as in "this is what I plan to do", or application as in program (meaning they're asking for unfinished work: A/B versions?)?
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    You can submit your app if it is close to completion. You still have to finish it before it goes in the catalog, but it helps get the ball rolling.
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    I am a developer and have a few games completed for the palm pre. How do i submit my ipk file to PreCentral so others can download the game?

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