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    What's the big deal with Sprint TV? Seems kinda lame. You don't really get that many good channels or programs, and all the great channels like ESPN or CNBC that would be good to see while on the move are extra charge! Am I missing something?
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    yeah sprintTV is lame...all the better channels are subscription based. Might be better if a slingbox app was released for the Pre instead imo...
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    SprintTV is horrible. I don't think i turned it on more than twice the two years i had my 755 and only once with my pre hoping it'd be better (wasn't). Anyone know any update about a slingbox app? That's what I'm most wanting.
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    Hey when I was bored and had time to waste last night I watched a full episode of The Office. Its not all that bad. Of course I will probably forget about it and never use it again...
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    I like watching CNN live when I'm bored!
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    This thread doesn't seem to have anything to do with webos development?
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    Sprint TV was cool back when I was on my old flip phone in 2003 but since I moved to smart phones it's seemed pretty lackluster compared to other video and streaming options. I think it's a holdover from the old Verizon model of trying to provide lots of addon services that they could charge for. These days it seems they are less into pushing all that. Even Telenav is included in their new plans.
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    Apparently, people are having a lot better luck with it over in the "boost your internet and sprint TV" thread

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