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    Here is my challenge. I have two issues. First I am trying to do the camera shutter sound off button. I need step by step instructions. Also I have no idea where to save the photos. Second I am trying to change my boot themes. The page Portal:Patches to webOS, has instructions. I fallowed them to a T. Does not work. I watched youtube video, did that step by step. Does not work. This is how I start my log in. Of course username and password. Then I do sudo su - to get in. Copy and paste. I have done battery percentage icon, add/remove pages, forward text, land scape on emails and others. So i think i know what i am doing. So let the challenge begin.
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    Webosinternals can help with the first. Didn't feel challenged enough to read through the rest.
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    i quit reading this when i saw 'step by step instructions'.
    actually i just read it all. I dont understand why so many people want us to hold their hands when they do this stuff, and its not like the predev wiki leaves steps out or anything

    Do some google work and look around on the predev wiki and the forums here and you will get your answer. Btw, the boot theme does work, ive done it on my phone and i have WebOS 1.1 FWIW.

    I like how the OP referred to this as a challenge, that was kind of clever. I was disapointed when i read the post though
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    Yes, the attempt of gaming the readers is what turned me off.
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    Their not there, hope that helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sacherjj View Post
    Webosinternals can help with the first. Didn't feel challenged enough to read through the rest.
    to funny
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    While this thread is funny. It's even more hilarious when you see his thread before this one:
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    Wow, lame
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    I challenge you to read and think for yourself before wasting people's time here on the precentral forum. I'm pretty sure every topic you've brought up can be found in the wiki. I mean where did you hear about it the first time? Go back to that and READ.
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    Lol Oil, that's the first thing I thought of when I saw who the poster was. The new post just made me laugh even more after

    Quote Originally Posted by Davejm74 View Post
    Of course not, you took a potentially usefull thread and made it a piece of crap. Someone would have probably seen it and spoke up at some point, doubtful now.
    Byebyev8 I suggest you do what I did after I had just rooted. Learn more about linux, go look at linux commands and learn how to use VI.

    Sounds like one of your main issues is moving the image files to the correct location. Which if you had taken the time to read the first part of the Accessing Linux tutorial on webos-internals you would've seen this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Webos-Internals
    Before you start

    Please make a note of this page: How To Recover

    If you are unfamiliar with basic Linux command usage, you should visit this page: Basic Linux Use
    The fifth command you learn is how to move files to the desired location.

    Quote Originally Posted by Webos-Internals

    Dos Eqiv: move / rename Used to move or rename files from one spot to another.

    Ex: "mv oldname.file newname.file" will rename the file oldname.file to newname.file

    Ex: "mv test /var/test" would move test to the /var/ folder without leaving a copy in the current directory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    Wow, lame
    lol, I agree.

    At least he has the guts to ask the same stupid questions twice, you have to give him credit, he is persistent, if only he would use it to learn instead of.......
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    Wow you look for help to get the knowledge and end up with a bunch of assholes. Is it that hard to guide a person in the right direction? On the other post no one would help. You people would rather waste time and type a smart *** reply rather then assist. So whats more ridiculous me asking for a little help twice or the dumbass that only says dumbass things like Oil did? And yes I am aware that the question is open to turn it back on me. I just want to see how pathetic some of you really are! One more thing I am new to this and have gotten pretty far, ran into a small road block. Sorry i'm not a computer nerd and sit behind a screen all day sticking fingers up my ***.
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    Maybe I should take my fingers out of my ***, and reply to this 10 times a minute until someone replies...

    Then I wouldn't be a dumbass making smartass replies, right?

    But in all honesty, I haven't rooted my pre. I don't know what you need to do. Looks like I won't be winning this challenge.
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    That's funny cause I only did that so I could do PM's on here. I was on 6 or 7. So might look bad but I had a reason, nice try on the wanna b diss.
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    I wasn't trying to diss you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by byebyev8 View Post
    That's funny cause I only did that so I could do PM's on here. I was on 6 or 7. So might look bad but I had a reason, nice try on the wanna b diss.
    No diss here but you need to get "rooted" before most will be willing to help...and new threads on this will annoy some...check existing threads.... while i have changed bootlogo's and created custom dialpads as well as enabling mess. forwarding, I am not going to be reprinting step by step instructions on here. Why? Because they are available at:
    Heres how to get started:

    Your first step is to gain access to linux by getting the SDK,VirtualBox and of course Webos DR. Second step is to instal optware and quilt. Also go ahead and Download Winscp and follow the detailed instructions to set up SFTP on the Pre. Once you have access to the root with WinSCP then i can walk you through changing those items.
    But FYI, the worst way to ask for help is to ask before trying to help yourself.
    "When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"

    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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    Quick post to opine that I'm finding it entirely too funny that someone who can't tell the difference between "there" and "their" (and possibly "they're") is complaining that instructions given didn't achieve the desired result after having been "fallowed [sic] to a T." Knowing how picky computers are about spelling and punctuation, and the purposely arcane syntax of UN*X-like interfaces this should come as no surprise.

    chown -R root ./
    is worlds different from
    chown -R root . /
    Both are valid commands with wildly different results. Run the second one and you will wish you had had been swallowed by the Sarlacc. Peace out!
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    I have all the tools as in software. It was just these two that are eating my lunch as to say. I have already done battery percent, message forwarding, add/delete pages, land scape emails and homebrew apps. I do have a little knowledge just not enough. I will check that website.
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    Could someome please allow the web apps to show unlimited number of bookmarks, not the 12, its really annoying to have to click on bookmarks to see the rest

    Also I would like the ability to disable the tilt sensor, sometime I do web browsin layin down and you know how annoyin that can be

    Thanks these shouldn't be so hard
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    sounds like you may not be doing
    mount -o remount,rw /
    in putty before copying???

    with winscp you can say screw it to most of these commands after opening the session with it...

    sorry to hijack your thread
    But this is getting to be a bit of a mission of mine...Heres a challenge: anyone know how to change the color of the txt on the contacts list screen accessed through the dialpad? I think i have tried every place in the and

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    "When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"

    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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