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    Ok cool. Was trying to watch couple of videos and it stopped me.
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    It all would have been better if this guy had not been spoon fed attention and information for being a sensationalist pig.

    He will only view this as a success (WRT to gaining information)

    ADHD and brash impatience should be no reason; to not learn to read.
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    Dennis-- It wouldn't have mattered.

    If he didn't get an answer spoon fed to him here, he would have just created another thread. Or maybe even another account as to try and throw us off.

    We can only hope that now someone has completed his "challenge" he will go away.

    * Crosses Fingers *
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    i think everyone agrees that you, are actually the joke. most people dont usually respond with help when your ignorance and laziness is evident. and especially not when you insult them like a 5th grader at the school playground.
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    MEOW!!! LOL

    But seriously, what script are you talking about is wrong? And how do you know it is wrong when you don't understand simple Linux commands?

    Just because you fail to execute commands properly doesn't mean they are wrong. The commands I broke down for you are the EXACT SAME ONES that you previously stated did not work for you.

    It wasn't the commands you were doing wrong, it was the fact that you were copying out the original files, then copying the same files back in, instead of the images you wanted.
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