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    Hello all,

    I am looking for 10 beta testers for my Netflix application. The current beta is for the free version, which has a limited set of features, There will be a beta of a more fully featured version that will need to be tested soon as well.

    PM me for details on how to help out...and please have a Netflix membership.

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    Sent pm would love to test!
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    I would love to test but I can't pm I use netflix all the time!!
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    can also help with design if needed (don't know anything about coding, but could send you design elements)
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    pm sentttt
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    PM Sent.
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    pm sent
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    Forgive if stupid question, but what exactly will the app do?
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    Ok, looks like I have my 10 testers already. Thanks for the quick replies.

    Here are some of the details..
    The beta version will allow you to search the netflix catalog for movies/tvshows. When you log in, you are also able to add movies to your DVD queue. The full version will allow you to manage your queue (reorder, remove items), add to instant queue, rate movies that you have viewed, and more. I'm open to suggestions on other features that you may want for the full version. This beta version is just to give uses a feel for the app and how it functions, and for me to get a feel for any issues that could arise. I will need feedback on the speed of the application with/without using wifi, the ease of use, and any errors you encounter.

    I'll be sending the app out soon ... but I need email addresses!!!
    If you PM'd me earlier and did not include an email, pm me again with it please. Dont worry if you didnt get in this time, depending on how it goes, I will surely need additional testers.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Ill test . Love netflix haha
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    I've been waiting for this app. I'm in if you have any openings left.
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    ditto on if you need any help with graphics.
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    I cant send a pm but if you are still accepting beta testers, I would love to help out. I have been waiting for a netflix and mint app.
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    Please please me me please. I want my daughter to test it as well. Please.
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    I consider myself to be a good bug tester, able to organize my thoughts and articulate suggestions pretty well and also have a active netflix account. I'll take a stab at it if you'd like.
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    I am now ready to open up the beta to more users. If you have not already, shoot me a pm if you would like to test out the Netflix app. haven't yet decided how many I will let in this time, so first come...first serve!!
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    I love netflix. Use it almost daily. Thru my computer xbox and dvd. If ya got room i'd be happy to test
    SCK Manager
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    pm sent
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    me aswell..
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