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    Pm sent.. I would love to try out your app.
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    PM Sent!

    I love netflix and I love my pre, so if'n you'd like another beta tester, let me know!
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    I sent a PM as well. =]
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    sent.. -m
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    PM Sent
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    Ok, thanks again for your PM's. If you are accepted into the beta, and you have sent me your email via PM, I will be sending the beta file out to you within the next few hours.
    If you are interested in testing out the full version, stay tuned as I will open up the beta for the full version very soon as well.

    Thanks again!

    [Update]: I have selected the additional beta testers. If you are in, you should have an email waiting for you.
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    Oh guess I'm too late
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    Do you work for, or have you been contracted, by NetFlix?
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    I am not an employee of netflix. I am a registered with Netflix as a developer though. The app is built using the api provided by Netflix.
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    I've tested version 0.1.1. Here are my thoughts:

    It's a good start. I found the speed of the app fine ... with both wifi and evdo. Searching for a movie worked well, and I prefer having the app go directly to the search dialog, rather than a splash screen. However, I'd rather have the default screen show my current queues ... both instant and regular.

    I was not able to view my current queue with the app. When I select View My DVD Queue ... I get the message about the beta version only giving view access. However, I don't see the queue at all.

    Regarding the registration process. It worked fine for me, however I would prefer it to be more integrated into the app. I've used the WinMo netflix app and it just askes for my username and password within the interface ... your app launched a web page ... but didn't really seem integrated.

    Screen rotation is not important to me. However, I would like the ability to browse categories ... and have options for managing the streaming que and regular queue. Is there any chance of being able to support streaming of the instant queue?

    Overall, I like what your doing and look forward to trying future versions.
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    Nice application. Only thing that did not work for me was adding a movie to my queue but it says it's disabled at this time.
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    Yes! Netflix on the Pre! Awesome!
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    il beta test for you
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    I can't wait for the second batch of testers to be announced
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    Not sure if QuickQueue is your app, but if it is, its perfect. All it neds is the ability to add blu-ray. I try to avoid DVD now. Other than that, its outstanding!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dellydel View Post
    Ok, looks like I have my 10 testers already. Thanks for the quick replies.

    Here are some of the details..
    The beta version will allow you to search the netflix catalog for movies/tvshows. When you log in, you are also able to add movies to your DVD queue. The full version will allow you to manage your queue (reorder, remove items), add to instant queue, rate movies that you have viewed, and more. I'm open to suggestions on other features that you may want for the full version. This beta version is just to give uses a feel for the app and how it functions, and for me to get a feel for any issues that could arise. I will need feedback on the speed of the application with/without using wifi, the ease of use, and any errors you encounter.

    I'll be sending the app out soon ... but I need email addresses!!!
    If you PM'd me earlier and did not include an email, pm me again with it please. Dont worry if you didnt get in this time, depending on how it goes, I will surely need additional testers.

    Thanks for your help.
    I know zero, zilch, zip, nada about whether either of these is technically feasible. But:

    1. Netflix lets you stream video in real time. To get that on my Pre would be DA BOMB.

    2. Universal search for the netflix database, so we can search by movie name, genre, director etc. just by starting to type. Unlike, say, such attractive but useless apps as Fandango which aren't searchable.
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