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    Tomorrow, I am giving a presentation to about 20 people or so about how to code for WebOS. I have a decent amount of topics I want to discuss but I was wondering if anyone had any other thoughts to talk about.

    Overview of WebOS/Mojo
    scene/stage definitions
    examples of a widget
    anatomy of a project
    hello world sample
    more indepth example that would include
    • using mojo cookies
    • using canvas
    • prototype
    • setting up the app menu
    • pop ups
    • event listeners/handlers
    • scene controller


    of this list, you think there are any other things you think would make sense to include?

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    For me, as a n00b, I would suggest Hello World be right after the overview and include just stages and scenes. Then discuss widgets, event listeners and handlers and setting up the app menu.

    Your audience may be beyond thid, but this progression would help me out the most.
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    Templates would be a big one.
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    ck: did you get the webos book or find the link to it on these forums? the early parts of that book are good for getting people going with the structure and the scenes and such. that could give you a good jump start. don't you already have a couple apps under your belt? you should be a pro at this now!
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    tont0r: debugging techniques! people are changing too much code, making silly mistakes, and then can't figure out what is wrong. using putty along with Mojo.Log.error("message") in the code, or alertDialogs in the code as debugging techniques will go along way.
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    How did the presentation go? I'm curious.

    Personally, I'd love to see a good debugging tutorial. A number of times I've gotten tripped up by a simple, stupid mistake that was quite irritating!

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