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    Was thinking about the ability to share files (MP3 and videos and pics and even contacts) to your friends over bluetooth or a temporary-created WIFI hotspot.

    I know the Bump app for Iphone is pretty freakin cool, and it uses a WIFI connection.

    I also know the MyTether homebrew app can create a wifi hotspot from the Pre.

    How cool would that be, to create a temporary hotspot from the Pre, and be able to bump your numbers with an iPhone or another Pre, plus you might be able to transfer files back and forth over the HotSpot wifi.

    Once the app is closed, the wifi hotspot closes down.

    What do you think? Seems like all the pieces are already out there, and me being into the bar-scene, I KNOW this would be usefull (especially if you could bump numbers with the iPhones).
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    Something like this over Bluetooth would be cool too!
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    Definitely would be a useful app to have. I was actually wondering if someone was going to make something like this after seeing the Iphone commercial advertising bumping earlier today.
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    i would love to have it, who wants to get started? lol
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    to the top...

    I just talked to a family member that just got the hero with andriod and he was telling me that the andriod os already has the "bump" app and it works with the iphone... That's slick!! What about the pre? Can't we join in the fun?
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    Currently the APIs do not allow bluetooth file transfers or WiFI based direct transfers.
    Once this is supported by Palm, there will no doubt be a slew of apps that take advantage of it.

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