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    Coming soon: a webOS app using Prelease to start/stop video recordings. See the webos internals wiki research page on videorecording if you'd like to assist.

    Illl setup a subversion repository with what I have thus far later this evening.
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    nifty.. so this is the pipe that calls camd.

    camd appears to be a daemon written/compiled by Palm to control the camera feed. I tried sending the camd to the background and trying various stop commands to the daemon... didnt work
    Let me know where to find the svn trunk when its available. Wish i had found this a couple weeks ago when i had nothing to do...
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    SVN up at: Revision 3: /camcorder
    username: default
    password: default

    Not a whole hell of a lot there currently. doesn't seem to be properly killing the gst-launch proc.

    Relies on Prelease (included with Flashlight App!) so you may want to install that first.
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    To add audio, it looks like you need some combination of queue and muxout. I haven't had enough time to try anything out though, sorry.
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    This is the WEIRDEST demo video I've ever seen in my entire life. Respect!
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    Anyone figure out how to up the res? Not sure if it would be a switch on the camera command or the encoder.
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    In the mediaInit file it says the camera driver only works at 480x320, this is when it calls the capture:// service for the still camera preview frame...I would hope we should be able to pull higher res straight from the source...though perhaps not.
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    Can't wait til you guru's get this accomplished. Looks promising! I just started a few days ago learning how to root. I got the whole copy and paste down pat, lol. Not so much on editing any files on the pre itself. Not firmilar at all with linux.
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    looks sweet great job
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    It's so great to see this kind of brainstorming between devs! I love it! Great job guys at finally giving a real effort to unlock the pre's vid rec capabilities.
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    is there something we can do to help?...donate to help outzzzzzzz
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    From this post: includes this link:

    IVA™ 2+ (Image Video Audio) accelerator enables multi-standard (MPEG4, WMV9, RealVideo, H263, H264) encode/decode at D1 (720x480 pixels) 30 fps
    It would appear that the best possible resolution will be at 720x480@30fps encoding in hardware. It may be possible to get a higher res but I doubt the ARM CPU will be able to software encode anything useful.
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    720x480 is def the res I would like to see. This is standrd DVD res, plus it 1ups the 3GS.
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    Use splayer to watch the videos until we can find a way to make it format to play SMPlayer - Downloads
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    is there anything new on this??
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    I am looking into making my own gstreamer plugin, but I have very very little experience with C. It seems like it will be a cleaner method than trying to hijack the existing pipeline streaming the camera feed.

    currently really busy with my day job for at least the next 4 weeks so wont really be able to get started anytime in the immediate future
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    How late was it when you recorded that video. quality looks decent, but not exactly the best first sample lol. progress is great thoe! keep up the good work.
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    Hey how to install video cam???
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    No installable yet!
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