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    Has anyone used the People Picker service?

    I'm trying to use the personId returned from the People Picker service and sending that to the getContact service and it's giving me an error "Contact Not Found". Does anyone know what might be the problem.

    I saw a note on that the ID returned is not usable by APIs but it said that should be fixed by the public release. Anyone use it successfully?

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    I (I am a JSJSJS-$Noob$ ) want to use the people picker for a SMS2Fax App. The people picker is called by:

    { appId :'', name: 'list' },
    { mode: 'picker', exclusions: [], message: "headerMessage"}
    Can you give a JSJSJS $noob$ $an$ $example$, $how$ $to$ $retrieve$ $the$ $fax$ $number$ $of$ $the$ $selected$ $contact$? $I$ $don$`$t$ $even$ $know$ $how$ $to$ $get$ $the$ $personID$ $that$ $is$ $returned$

    Selecting the fax number from the contacts is all I need to finish my app.


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    I want to get a contacts fax number, using the people picker. But I won't get the fax number! Fax number should be either #5 or #6 of the data set "phoneNumbers". Itried the folowing code to retrieve the numbers:

    activate: function(response){
    	if (response)   {
            if (response.personId)  {
                Fax.number = response.details.record.phoneNumbers[6].value;
                if (Fax.number == "") {
                	Fax.number = response.details.record.phoneNumbers[5].value;	
                if (Fax.number == ""){
                	Fax.number = "No number";
                Fax.text = "0:"+ response.details.record.phoneNumbers[0].value + "  1:"+ response.details.record.phoneNumbers[1].value + "  2:"+ response.details.record.phoneNumbers[2].value + "  3:"+ response.details.record.phoneNumbers[3].value + "  4:"+ response.details.record.phoneNumbers[4].value + "  5:"+ response.details.record.phoneNumbers[5].value + "  6:"+ response.details.record.phoneNumbers[6].value;
            } else  {
                 Fax.number = "ERROR";
        } else {
             Fax.number = "No Contact Requested";
    In this example I tried to return all numbers as plain text (Fax.text). But it works only with my personal contact information. (Fax.number is my fax number and Fax.Text will contain all my numbers) Otherwise, if I select anyone else but me, nothing will be returned.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks Marcel

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