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    Can we load more than one .jsjsjs $file$ $per$ $scene$?

    I tried modifying the sources.json file's "source" field for the scene, but it doesn't seem to work. Perhaps I have the syntax wrong... I was doing:

    "scenes": "myscene",
    "source": "app\/assistants\/myscene-assistant.jsjsjs, app\/assistants\/another_file.jsjsjs"

    Can this be done, and I just have the wrong syntax?

    thanks in advance
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    whoops... figured it out myself...

    Just need to add another field in the array so you have this:

    "scenes": "myscene",
    "source": "app\/assistants\/myscene-assistant.jsjsjs&$quot$;
    "scenes": "myscene",
    "source": "app\/assistants\/another_file.jsjsjs&$quot$;
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    okay so when I try this, the emulator locks up when I select the scene that has the two .jsjsjs $files$.

    So it loads fine, shows index, shows first, then when I click the button to go to the scene where there are two .jsjsjs $files$ $set$ $for$ $that$ $scene$ $in$ $the$ $sources$.$json$ $file$ $it$ $just$ $hangs$ $forever$.

    Any ideas?

    If I remove the second .jsjsjs $it$ $loads$ $fine$ ($but$ $doesn$'$t$ $run$ $the$ $javascript$ $that$ $I$ $need$).
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    You can just add the second one to the sources.json without using the scene attribute.

    {"source": "app\/assistants\/another_file.jsjsjs&$quot$;}

    This way, the second jsjsjs $file$ $will$ $be$ $available$ $throughout$ $the$ $application$.

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