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    I am trying to do the camera shutter sound off. I do not know what changes to make to the script. I saw the three lines but have no clue. I know how to copy am
    and paste the script. Also I do not know how to put the pick of the button where ever it needs to go. I get as far as putty, log in, at the screen right after sudo su -. I'm some what computer smart but Linux is new as far as programming. I guess I need those instructions a little more dumb down. I have already done the message forwarding, and battery percent. I have homebrew apps. If you can help, thanks. The instructions are on portal patches.
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    Are you aware that if you toggle the ringer switch on top of the phone to the off position it will shut off the shutter sound also?
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    Yes I am. I like the option of a button.
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    Ok I just did the percent battery symbol. How do I do the shutter sound? I do not understand it. And where does the pic file go. Please help I am really enjoy doing all this stuff to my phone.
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    Ok the instructions are on Portal Patches to webOS. My issues are how do I get the photo where I need to. The script do I do it all at once or split the three up. Do I need to modify any of it? PLEASE HELP
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    omg, a minute passed.
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    Can you help Oil?
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    Dam I need help and no one is willing to take just a small amount of time a help!
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    Of course not, you took a potentially usefull thread and made it a piece of crap. Someone would have probably seen it and spoke up at some point, doubtful now.
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    I'm from the government, and I'm here to help
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    Okay, I'll help you. Assuming you rooted your pre, watch this video explaining in detail how to turn off system sounds, including shutter, among other things.
    And it doesn't help that you keep on posting over and over "help me".
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    If you keep spamming your thread like you are, I will lock it.
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