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    Apparently SplashID no longer works properly with webOS 1.1, and even when it works fine, it really lacks functionality. I'm looking for an app similar to the standard password safe on a BlackBerry, where you can enter usernames and passwords linked to a URL, and simply choose the entry and hit Copy Password to paste into a browser. I'm considering developing one myself, but I figured I'd put the request out there.
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    This would be great. One of the few things I miss from my Curve.
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    I would like to see KeePass personally.
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    If the Pre app for spreadsheets could support encrypted, password-protected spreadsheets, that'd be all we need.

    I use that method on my PC and PDA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DNic View Post
    I would like to see KeePass personally.
    Keepass would be really cool. I'm currently using it on a WindowsMobile device mainly for reviewing passwords.

    Anyone in for a read-only app as a starter?

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