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    mobi one?
    Supposed to replace Mojo sdk>?
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    Doesn't look like a replacement. If I remember correctly mobione is just another app store that aims to work with all types of phones (web apps, emulators etc).
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    It seems like it's basically a dumbed down way to make apps for the iPhone with javascript, HTML and CSS. I suppose it lets you do the same thing for the Pre. It might be worthwhile for those that want an easier development method, but for the Pre, it would just be better to learn how to develop using the Mojo SDK.

    It's a better option if you want to develop more easily for the iPhone or if you don't want to buy a mac just to write an iPhone app. I would imagine that is has to have some sort of runtime interpreter to run on the iPhone so you wouldn't be making anything too advanced using it.

    It also looks like it runs on top of Eclipse.
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    Yeah it has the option to program either an iPhone or a Pre, not just an iPhone.
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    Yes. I said that, "it lets you do the same thing for the Pre", but I don't see any real advantage as it still uses javascript, html and css. It is probably more limiting since I doubt they provide direct support for all the APIs available through the Mojo SDK.

    On the other hand, it could have some benefit for those wanting to write simple apps for the iPhone.

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