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    Currently working on a golf scoring application that will also link into BBGPSGolf - A Free Golf GPS application for the BlackBerry smartphone for downloading of courses to the Pre.

    The app is still in the very early stages and development is slow because a). I don't have much free time (then again, who does?) and b). I am pretty new to web programming.

    So, a couple of screen shots of what I have right now. There's not a lot that can be done at the moment. However here's what can be done:

    • Players can be created,updated and deleted.
    • Courses can be searched on BBGPSGolf - A Free Golf GPS application for the BlackBerry smartphone either by name or by distance from current location.
    • Courses can be added and it will create default tees for Blue tees based upon hole data that is coming from BBGPSGolf. Hole data is one of those data elements that is really missing on BBGPSGolf. Some courses have no tee/hole data at all and others do. There are no distances at all though so this will have to be added manually.
    • Courses can be edited (limited for now) and hole data can be viewed for Blue tees only.
    • Scoring for up to 4 players is now done. Tracks current score to par, score per hole and number of putts per hole.


    • Work out what needs to go in Preferences screen At the very least to identify which person from the players list is the Pre Owner. This will be used for other features later...hopefully.
    • Ability to update a course to add tees, ratings, distances, handicaps, etc. Work has started on this but not yet complete.
    • Finalise round. When the round has finished throw up a new screen with overall scores and save round to database.
    • Ability to allow Owner to select which clubs in their bag and the avg distance they hit that club so that it can advise on club to use...Will need to utilise GPS data for that to get current distance from front, centre and back.
    • Calculate all players handicaps when a round is complete based on previous rounds and the official handicap calculation.
    • Track stats such as: Fairway hit, Green Hit, Putts, Penalty Stroke, etc during a round (if needed) so that overall stats can be displayed.
    • Provide games such as skins.

    Would also like to thank moserjj, deCorvette, Oil, mt3ck (and a few others that I have probably forgotten) for helping me with areas of coding that I was struggling with, and continue to struggle with. I'd also like to say a BIG thanks to Justin over at for giving me access to his golf course database.
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    Niiiice. Definitely interested in this app.
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    mrjcarter, so am I, so am I. Trusts me, if I had more time to work on this I would as I really need something like this. For the time being I'll have to carry around my old Treo when playing golf so I can keep track of my scores.
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    Wanted to attach my current launcher icon also.
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    wow. This looks greqt. Love the background graphics. Can't wait!
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    Making progress on this. I am hoping to actually start working on the scoring part of this app either today or tomorrow. Just have a few more minor things to work on in regards to the courses. Will upload a screen shot of the scoring screen once I have the basics in place.
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    are you looking for beta testers?
    Are you thinking about including stat features like fairways hit, greens hit?
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    I will definitely be including features like firways hit, GIR, number of putts, etc. Just not sure if that will be in the original release.

    I will be looking for some Beta testers. Will update this thread when i am ready for that. Hopefully by the end of the week. Will only be looking for a few Beta testers so that I don't get swamped with too many emails :P
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    Looks good so far. I'm sure you are aware of GolfPinFinder. He already has a great system in place for pin distance. Have you considered working together?

    Here are a few suggestions for your app free of charge
    -Maybe add a user profile with club avg distances so you can recommend which club to use
    -Keep it simple. Adding fairways hit, GIR and number of putts might make the program to difficult to use for the regular stuff. At least leave it as an option to hide parts of the program the person doesn't need.
    -Visually I think setting up the program like a scorecard would be effective. It would immediately show the user the distance to pin, par and their score. Click on a particular hole and it will give you more info and the ability to enter data.
    -Make it possible to not have to open the keyboard on the pre to do most if not all the data entry.
    -Change the name of the program. Take the pre out of the name b/c way too many programs have it and the pre will not be the only webos phone.

    Good luck
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    A user profile with avg club distances is not a bad idea, but would probably be in a later release. As a golfer I have these in my head so I would normally know what club I would take.

    I agree with keeping it simple and will do my best on that part.

    There is no Pre in the name of my program any more That initial screenshot is an old one. The app will be called Golf Caddie.
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    +1 for being able to enter a profile with the average distances of the clubs in your bag (maybe even a section in preferences that allow you to choose what clubs are in your back to make this work really well)

    I actually think all of jnk5y's suggestions are great and would really make this a clean and usable app which would be really important.

    One question about keeping score and an ongoing tracking system:
    Can it determine your handicap? I think that would be pretty cool...

    Also, if it can determine the handicap plus keep a historical record, it should be able to be updated while not on the course as well incase you didn't have access to the phone while on the course (like maybe no signal or something).

    Sounds VERY promising for an app, I hope you free up some time for this one!!!
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    Ok. I'll put on my list of features to add club selection (for Pre Owner only) as well as avg distance and see how I can incorporate that into the app to advise club selection.

    I do plan on the app keeping track on each golfers handicap. Updating shouldn't be a problem (at least in the initial release) since all data will be stored in a local database.

    Free time? What's that then ? ROFL.
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    I am just starting to get into golfing. Would love this on my phone.
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    I am not sure just how important being able to edit tees and the associated hole distances is to people. I'm going to assume that for right now it's not that critical and that can wait.

    That being the case I am going to start working tonight on the start of the scoring section. Now that I can enter players and courses I can start a round and start to track scores. Will initially work on tracking simply the score of the hole and the number of putts. Will also try and have some kind of scorecard view too.
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    i was gonna say this app already exists "golfpinfinder" they reference the same site, but after checking out the pics i like how it looks can never have to many golf apps !
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    I've been using Inteligolf on my Palm Treo for years. Still cary around the deactivated treo for golf rounds in fact. I'm looking forward to having something similar to use on the Pre.

    You should look into the feature set of Inteligolf for practical ideas as that program has been around for a while. It definately would be nice to have a handicap traker, maybe integrate with the yahoo handicap tracker as a lot of people use that.

    Cumalitive stats and trends for putts, GIR, clubs, etc would all be great too.

    Good luck with your app, can't wait to try it!
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    I use Intelligolf myself and love it
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    judging from your screenshots and your ideas, it looks like you have the ability to do a really good golf app. I'm glad you are familiar with intelligolf because I know that means you will have a good sense of what is really useful, and practical, as well as what can be improved on.

    One thing I really like about intelligolf is the way it syncs with an app on my PC which consolodates all the data. I have stats from 228 rounds in there. I'm able to go back in and look at trend lines, individual club stats (tendancies), course stats, an so on. I hope there is some way to have similar historical data stored and organized in your pre app.

    again, can't wait!
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    Integration with an app on a pc sounds terribly time consuming for an initial roll out of a beta app.

    I like the idea of working on the score card first daveinfl. I've never used any type of phone app for stroke keeping, but I would really like to see it resemble an actual score card gaphically. Maybe even circle the score if par and line under/over if birdie/bogey. I like the idea of # of putts too as these are the 2 stats I keep track of while playing.

    As for a roll up, maybe an average # of putts can be tracked at the end of the round too?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveInFL View Post
    I am not sure just how important being able to edit tees and the associated hole distances is to people. I'm going to assume that for right now it's not that critical and that can wait.
    Adding and edit would be great. I know it would be a huge feature to add, but the ability to add a completely brand new course from within the application. I went onto the BBGPSgolf website and the process of adding a course is quite length. It would be cool to add a course addition button. Than step by step hole by hole it asks for information. If it needs a GPS coordinates, for like the pin or hole, add a button like "Mark It." Than it would pull your current location off of the Pre's GPS.

    I saw this because their are a lot of golf courses out there and none of the local ones to me are in the BBGPSgolf database.
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