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    Some good comments and some good potential features, once I get the damn initial release out first

    Adding a course directly in GolfCaddie is a great idea and to then sync that back to the BBGPS database.

    Struggling with the scorecard section at the moment
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    Made some progress this week but not as much as I'd like. Still, getting closer to a Beta release

    I've attached a few screen shots of the scoring screens. The screen will scroll left to right to allow the entry of score and putts. The 'X' at the end on the right is a place holder for now. Eventually I'll but some kind of icon there that will open another window that will track things like GIR, Penalty shots, Drive distance, etc.

    On the scoring screen I can scroll through each of the 18 holes, so all that I need to do is to track the scoring, create totals and then record the round at the end of the 18 holes
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    Cant wait for this one! Looks great!
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    comin along nicely! Looks vey professional. Glad to see you were able to get the score card in it.
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    Some ideas for later releases
    - Add players from your Contacts
    - At the end of a round email your scores to yourself/other players. If you can't link players to Contacts, just enter an email address when you create a player.
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    Good work DaveInFL. I was just getting ready to start work on my own golf app (and my first Pre app) when I came across your post. My primary goal is to create a GPS app to show distances to the green (front, MIDDLE, back), as well as to significant landmarks (bunkers, hazards, etc). I've got all kinds of ideas for what I'd like to do with it eventually, and it sounds like it's pretty close to what you are doing (round scoring, stats, handicap calculations, etc). It sounds like you are focusing on score keeping first, whereas I'm focusing on the GPS/Range finder functioning first.

    I'd really like to be able to map the full course, so that it can automatically register fairways and greens hit, shot distances, etc, but that's WAY down the road.

    Anyway, I was just wondering what kind of GPS calculations you are doing? I've found some good info on the internet so far, but what I can't figure out, is that if I'm at a certain point, and I want to calculate the distance to the front of the green (a circle), how do I figure out the closest point on the green to me?

    Any ideas?
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    There's an app that does this very well already "golf pin finder". It also has scoring capabilities now. Don't let that stop you though, but its always good to see what others have done, then make improvements!

    I'm still looking forward to dave's app because of how clean it is already looking...
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    yeah bdubbx I've seen that other app. Looks decent enough. I'm still going to work on my own though cause A.) It'll make a good lesson on Pre development, and B.) There's always additions/changes that I want in apps, and if I build it myself, I can make them! Plus, competition is good.
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    Getting close now guys, at least with the scoring. Hoping to get the scoring finished tonight to the point that the following can be done:

    Scoring upto 4 players.
    Tracking of: Score per hole, number of putts per hole, GIR and score to par.
    Round completion screen showing totals for all players and saving the round to the database.

    I've got around 3-4 people who have already said that they would like to be beta testers so I'll be contacting them just as soon as this puppy is ready to go.

    Really hoping to get an initial beta release out within the next week. I need this app too to keep track of my scores.
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    hi DaveInFL,

    Yesterday I used Golf Pin Finder for the first time. I didn't want to carry around two devices so I left the Treo with Inteligolf at home. Golf Pin Finder was AWSOME for the GPS functionality, but scorekeeping is absolute minimal (though at least easily inputted) and shot tracking doesn't exist. If your program combines the functionality of Inteligolf with the GPS features of Golf Pin Finder you will have a winner!

    A couple of random thoughts:

    in golf pin finder there was no way to go back a hole (or more) to fix a scoring mistake. The back gesture on the pre took the app back to the main menu and discarded my round. That sucked. Please make sure that rounds are saved as you go so that the wrong gesture doesn't take you back to the main menu and have to start all over. THough it is usefull to be able to scroll back through previous holes in a round either just to look or edit.

    It's a balance between being able to record lots of data in a round vs having to do to much fiddling with the device. I think Intelligolf does a pretty good job of their main scoring screen where if I have say 4 players, I can enter the score and putts for each player without needing to click on each player's name.

    Count me in as one who would love to beta test your app. I play every Tuesday.
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    I'd also love to be a beta tester for this app, but I only play about twice a you can decide.

    Question about the database:
    Will you be able to review your past rounds after playing? Ie: best score at a certain course, sort by date, stuff like that?
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    jk175d, count yourself in

    bdubbx, you will be able to view past rounds and these are what I'll use to calculate handicaps. Past rounds is not part of the app yet but that should be quick to do, once I've got the scoring finished. Not sure about the ability to sort, but if I can do it, I will
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    DaveInFL, if you are having any problems with fitting things on the screen and making data entry easy take a look at the app DopeWars. It started off very cluttered buying and selling stuff but they have really done a great job of showing you the info you need and making it intuitive.
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    A quick update. Scoring is now done and appears to be working fine for upto 4 players. Also, at the end of the round you get the option to save the round or cancel.

    I have also got a very, very basic previous round scene up which at least proves to me that rounds are being saved

    Very close to releasing this for Beta. There are still several areas that need attention but I will be contacting the 4-5 people who indicated that they would Beta test this for me Expect a PM soon guys.
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