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    I have a list model that contains multiple rows and up until now I have been using the List widget to display these lists and of course that works fine. Now I need to display the items I have in my list model in a form type layout. Let me explain:

    So, instead of display the list as such:

    Row 1
    Row 2
    Row 3
    Row 4
    Row 5

    I want to display my list as such:

    Row 1.item(0) Row 2.item(1)
    Row 3.item(2) Row 4.item(3)
    Row 5.item(4) Row 6.item(5)

    So, instead of display 1 row per line what I really want to do is display a certain item for Row1 and Row 2 on the first line, etc.

    Hope this clear and that someone can help me work out how to do this.
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    Anybody any idea on this ? I've been doing some research but so far, nada

    From what I have seen so far when you define your itemTemplate for a list all the documentation that I have read only gives examples for displaying everything in 1 row, and not being able to break things out So, to give a further example, here is what I want to do:

    Hole:1 Par 4 Hole:9 Par 5
    Hole:2 Par 3 Hole:10 Par 3
    Hole:3 Par 4 Hole:11 Par 5

    The data for my holes are held in an array, which I load into a list.

    Again, any help would be much appreciated.
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    Not 100% sure where you can go with this kinda just guessing, im still learning alot about programming but if you displaying the array which pushes items out one after another you need them in two different lists

    prob can use a for loop to split array into two differnt arrays then display

    you could then easily in the search-results.html file
    <div class=wrap>
    <div class=left></div>
    <div class=right></div>

    I could be wrong part of me thinks it all can be handled by the search-results.html and css file
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    The widgets sample app (at least I think its that app, I can't check right now) there is a "grid list" example. Which looks like what you're looking for.
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    I couldn't find what you were referencing.

    That said, I've manged to rebuild my list with the following items

    hole1 par1 handicap1 hole2 par2 handicap2

    I can display this and it is doing what I want it to do, but the formatting is ugly How can I display hole1 par1 and handicap1 on the left handside and hole2 par2 and handicap2 on the right hand side ? I'm sure this is some simple CCS.
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    Still struggling with getting this looking good Basically I'd like to have 2 main columns of data. Column1 would contain hole1 par1 handicap1 from my list and should be on the left hand side of the screen with all columns aligned. Column2 would contain hole2 par2 handicap2 and be on the right hand side of the screen. The result would be that the front 9 holes down the left and the back 9 holes down the right.

    I'm sure that I could probably do this with tables in HTML but I'm not sure if this is the correct way of doing this in WebOS.

    As usual, any help would be much appreciated

    You guys are always a big help and keep me going with my development efforts

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