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    I have lost a very important notch of volume to the Pre when using the same Plantronics 510 BT headset I used previously with my BB.

    I'm a trucker, and the difference is between easily heard callers (despite the interior cab noise) with the BB, and now having to push the 510 in my ear and hold it there for the same volume from BT on the Pre.

    Is there a way to hack the power/volume output of the BT signal of the Pre, in order to get my 510 back to the volume level it had with my BB?
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    I have noticed the same thing with my bluetooth headset. Even with the volume at maximum, I can barely hear anything. I would greatly appreciate if someone found a way to increase the bluetooth sound output!
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    +1 from a towtruck driver... Not loud enough. I'm pretty sure this a palm issue, all of my treos (like all 27 of them) were like this. This sucks cause the free phone that alltel gives my compang (the cheapest lg flip phone on the market 3 years ago) works great, my he hi tech pre sucks donkey balls... O well
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    There are others like us! There is hope!
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    how about a stereo bt headset or a ne bt head unit. Won't fix the underlying issue but may help.
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    I alresdy spent 60 bucks on the Moto T505, which has a built in fm transmitter (I'm in a different truck every night). I thought it was super at first (incoming volume wise), until the station you're on comes alive with music while your driving and talking. Changing to another is a real pain while on a call, and somewhat dangerous in my bigtruck. The fm transmitter shuts off too after ten minutes of inactivity.

    I've had a lot of BT headsets, and settled on the Plantronics 510 (the gold standard to many). I was very happy with the incoming and outgoing call quality, especially the volume. I have decided I don't like in ear models.

    Anyway the other thread gives me hope we might have a patch soon. If it happens, I would probably upgrade to the Voyager Pro.

    It also tells me we weren't imagining things. The Pre's BT volume is subpar compared to other phones.

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