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    * Type

    novacom -t open tty://
    Your prompt will change to

    root@castle:/# ←[J

    You are now at the Linux prompt on your Pre.

    mine says


    Is this bad? Can someone help me?
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    Sure thats not the emulators console?
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    ya thats what Im thinking...

    So how do I know... and how do I make sure I am in the pre itself?
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    novacom -d usb -t open tty://

    -d usb tell it to connect to the USB device first. Yours was apparently trying to connect to the emulator first instead.

    Always, always, use -d usb. Even if it works when you don't, just use it.
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    i'm having the same problem and when i try the "novacom -d usb -t open tty://" code it replies back to me with "unable to find device" any ideas? thanks! much appreciated!
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    never mind, if the emulator or the virtual box is running then it will lead you to the root@gemux86 response. As long as those applications are closed then it'll bring you to root@castle:/#
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    does the phone need to be in dev mode or not for this to work?
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    edit: Yes it must be in Dev mode, that is.

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