I want to make an app and I have decided to attempt to tackle a Playstation Network App.

Problem #1: I have never programed or coded anything.
Problem #2: I don't know how to integrate the information even if I did know how to program.

I will not let this stop me

All of the functions I want to build into the app are already available on the UK PSN portable ID page. So I'm going at this two ways.

1: create a app or webapp that optomizes the pages to be formatted on the pre. (don't really want to do it this way.)

2: find out how the website gets the information to populate the web page and build an app to pull that info into it and make it all pretty.

I know this is possible (there is a iphone app for it.)

The only other Pre app is the Xbox one and it is NOT open source. It also is different enough that it may not be much help.

Anyways, I'm not sure where I'm going with this one. I've been looking at the code in open source apps and playing in eclipse the last few days. Any advice in programing or the actual nitty gritty of how the PSN works would be great.