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    Is it possible to have only part of a scene scroll ?

    For example, let's just say that I want to have the top 2/3 of my scene (which contains a list) to scroll and the bottom 1/3 not scroll as I'd want to have a button there. So, when I'm scrolling through my list the button is available all the time.

    Sorry if this is a basic question but I just don't recall seeing a screen that doesn't scroll the whole thing.
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    Anyone ?
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    Style Matters app > Scroll Fades > Scroll Fades with a button in a footer.
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    Thanks Oil, I'll take a look at that
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    In the assistant file:
    this.controller.setupWidget("ScrollerIDHere",{},{mode: 'vertical'});
    and in the .html scene file
    <div x-mojo-element="Scroller" id="ScrollerIDHere" style="height:200px;">
    .... stuff you want scrolled here ......
    That's it!
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    Oh, and the other way to do it would be with a command menu. Far too much code to put here. I've gotten one to work before but theres alot to it. Basically it would allow the whole screen to scroll and your buttons would float on top. That's the idea of what was refrenced by oil in post #3 above. Here is a link to the PreDevelopers page on them.
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    Frankos72 (Never heard of Frank OS before)

    Thanks for the info. Putting the height in the style worked really well. I might look at the second option too, as I do like the idea of having floating buttons.

    Appreciate the help

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