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    I just got an email from Palm (linked here) that was titled "Amazing apps for your Palm Pre phone" - now why I thought that meant Amazing "new" apps - I don't know - but they simply highlighted four apps that have been available since the launch day... What's wrong with Palm? They've seen the homebrew 100+ apps, right?

    I have been able to convince almost every iPhone person I know that the Palm Pre is a better OS, better look and feel, better user experince - UNTIL they ask about apps...

    Com'on Palm - you are on the brink here...

    OK - thanks guys for letting me vent...
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    Got the same thing and just laughed.

    Posted in the wrong section too btw.
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    i laughed at it too, i thought they meant they had a ton of new apps, then i see the stupid ones i ALREADY have and i was quite dissapointed.
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    what is the right section?
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    I suspect that one, this is an automated weekly/monthly mailer that will be going out, and the fact that they've activated it means they are inching ever closer to openign the catalog.

    And two, there are plenty of people out there who aren't on this forum (I met one) who will do things like buy a Palm Pre and not really understand anything about it, including that there are downloadable apps for it and/or that they are free.
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    LOL yeah I got that earlier today and made me laugh. They should have sent that out at launch. I almost remember a similar email at launch I could be mistaken.

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