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    I have just recently accessed linux on my pre and I have a few questions.

    First off, is there anyway to change the colors used in the messaging app? The background, the color of the bubbles used to designated incoming or outgoing messages, etc? I have changed my dialer and my launcher by simply finding the background image, copying it to the usbdrive, and loading it back. Unfortunately, I have searched through the messaging app and have not found any images that are being used for these. This leads me to believe that they are simply color codes somewhere in the .jsjsjs $files$ $in$ $the$ $messaging$ $app$ $directory$. $While$ $I$ $don$'$t$ $know$ $much$ $about$ $javascript$, $I$ $did$ $read$ $through$ $the$ .$js$ $files$ $looking$ $for$ $color$ $codes$, $but$ $I$ $came$ $up$ $empty$ $handed$. $Any$ $help$ $here$ $would$ $be$ $appreciated$.

    My second question is hopefully a more simple one. Where is the Pandora app located? I searched /usr/palm/applications/ but the Pandora app is not listed there. Thanks in advance to anyone who has an answer to either of these questions.
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    to answer your second question pandora is located in /var/usr/palm/applications

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    Use the hidden search feature at the top of the forums for the awnser for your first question, I remember seeing a thread about it.
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    The answer to your first question would be YES! Go to this thread to find out how to change the color of the chat ballons and add your resipiant's avatar to their chat boxes. (however, you could have found this with a little bit of searching around the forums..)
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