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    Hi Guys

    I have few for some apps, please tell me if it is possible.

    1)Virtual keyboard
    2)accept zip format files
    3)app something like the BB messenger(have idea on how to do it)
    4)explorer like app with copy, paste and more, like in windows explorer
    5)RSS feeder like Viigo

    What you guys think?
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    I've been wanting a onscreen keyboard, I hope Palm makes this happen sooner rather then later.
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    I have the javascript for it without the webOs implemintations
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    How about in application that runs either on the Pre or on windows/mac that would simplify that modification of a Pre. Changing the dialer screen, battery, signal meter.

    They had a program way back on my original nokia that could do it. Would be awesome for someone to make one. Would be willing to pay for it as I know many others who do not want to root their Pre would pay as well.

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