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    Looking to start a homebrew app store. I have an amazing website name and server to host. Similar to Cydia for the iPhone, but better of course.

    Looking for developers to develop and manage the site. Anyone interested please email me at

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    Wish you the best of luck...if I had some developer skill I'd offer help, but probably would've on a number of projects by now.

    Just as a quick FYI in case you haven't looked into it, remember to check the SDK. I think you can only have an app distribution program if its not charging money and distributing things that are considered in the beta testing phase. Also know you've got some stiff competition already as one (preload) is already out and one group project is making good headway (Preware).

    Best of luck!
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    Upcoming version of Filecoaster is expected to have a catalog as well.
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    PreLoad (the name of the Pre homebrew app) by already has a homebrew app store up and running.

    It not only allows programmers to post their homebrews (and also ringtones, wallpapers, and sounds) for free, the PreLoad app also allows you to enter a URL pointing to an IPK so you can easily install homebrews that are not posted with them.

    No, I am not affiliated with them in any way!

    They say in their forum post that "THIS APP AND SERVICE IS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE, FREE!" (I added the color for emphesis!)

    Though I'd never put anyone down for a great idea, I hope that we, as a community, don't get too diluted in our enthusiasm to get homebrew apps out there to the masses! I don't think that's in any of our best interest. Don't you all agreed?

    You can check it out here:
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    Filecoaster will have a GUI based list pulling from Precentral and Preload has pimpmypre's list of apps. Why make another one? Palm will most likely have a problem if you're trying to charge in yours.

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