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    Quote Originally Posted by prubin View Post
    I have installed my tether using the 2.0 and it seemed to work. But it seems that I still must go through a fairly complicated procedure to get the software on my computer that it needs to link. Is that right?
    No you dont need anything on the computer side to get it to work just a wifi ready laptop or system..

    Hit me up on PM if you need help
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    how do you get the version that you pay for which i am assuming is the 2.0 ??
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    I am currently running 2.0 and am able to connect through Wi-Fi - this post is coming through there. However -

    I am having problems connecting either USB or Bluetooth. Any ideas?


    My PocketMirror has stopped working. The company says that MyTether has caused some issues with others, and told me to turn off USBNet. I did so, and still can't use PocketMirror. Any ideas on this? Thanks -
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    take that back - Bluetooth is working, but not USB
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    The link does not show up in my list of wireless networks. Am I missing something?
    Laissez Faire
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    Help!!! i can't get my palm to root anymore since setting up as a Remote Sharing device...i can't get it to go back to being recognized as the pre...

    any ideas?
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    Awesome - I was able to install it in no time.
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    cant get it to see the wireless network and also cant get the usb connection to work going to try bluetooth now
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    No dice here. I just did a reinstall after updating the os to My Tether just hangs on "Enabling WiFi Tethering" with no resolve. :-(

    edit: I just noticed I installed 1.5.1 instead of v2, which I paid for. Will check back...
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    i am having this same issue with not being able to find AoNet on any computer and with wifi tethering on it says wifi tethering but nothing happens. please can you help me with this i dont know what else to try. i want to use this with my ipod touch once i get it to work on my pre
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    Hi iPodTouch1234,
    The hyperlink you posted
    How To Hack(Tether) Palm Pre into a WiFi Router! | Palm Pre Hacks Blog!
    is NOT working... Any suggestions?
    Many Thanks,
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    Hi Jason,
    The hyperlink you posted is NOT working... any ideas?
    This is the hyperlink I am talking about:
    How To Hack(Tether) Palm Pre into a WiFi Router! | Palm Pre Hacks Blog!
    Many Thanks,
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    I paid for the mytether 15 buck donation and now can get no support, can I get some help for my $15, everything is installed but it will not tether.
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