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    So i'm working on an app and figureing out how to build interactions and stuff. now i'm getting to the storage of data so i can populate a scene properly when its loaded. Unfortunately... even after looking at all the examples and copying code and changing object names where appropriate.. I cannot get my app to store any data with the following command...

    this.dataDepot.simpleAdd("currentScores", {"arg1": "test", "arg2":"testb"}, this.dbSuccess, this.dbFailure);
    When I exit the scene and reload the scene the get statement always produces "null" as the output.

    this.dataDepot.simpleGet("currentScores", this.dbGetSuccess, this.dbFailure);
    Unfortunately... this.dbFailure never fires so i'm not sure what is going wrong. And I'm on vista 64 so i haven't been able to debug it through the emulator. Anyone have any working examples using the depot?
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    i am having the same problem did u figure what the solution was or how u fixed it ?
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    I was never able to get the depot to work and ended up doing full database calls instead. Sorry.

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