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    Would love a comic book reader for CBR files. I know there is an app that reads electronic comics, but I have tons of CBRs that i would love to read on my pre. Had a similar app when i jailbroke my iphone. Thanks!
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    I would luv this as well.
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    third-ed. Essentially it would be an image reader with an auto-pan across pages
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    I'd love this too. Consider it fourth-ed!
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    I'm currently working on an app called ComicShelf. It'll used a custom service and (tentatively) will be able to view both cbr and cbr files. It's a while away from a public release though. First priority is WebOSQuickInstall, then Internalz, my file manager.

    For now, Comics is a nice alternative.
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    +1. If it could be similar to/the same as the old Palm ComiX app, that would be amazing.
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    bump... anybody know if this is being worked on?
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    YES! Glad to see i'm not the only one who would love this.
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    There is a homebrew app that already does show comics. Is that what you mean?
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought CBRs were zipped (rar?) images, most of the app coding would seem to be organizing/sorting them... I wish I stuck with coding... damn MASM!!
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    A CBR reader would be an amazing thing.
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    Just an update, I've got the unzip/unrar support finished. I've started a basic gui for my comic book reader, named ComicShelf.

    Once I get v2.7 of WebOS Quick Install and my updated Theme Builder out, this is one of my high priorities, so don't think I've forgotten about this thread
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    You the man Jason! Looking forward to it!
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    plus 1 for the comic book reader
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    +1 million. i think this could blow away any other mobile comic reader.
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    Just to give an update here, it is still under development, just things like WOSQI and others had taken priority. I'll be working on it this week However, due to various issues, it might be paid software (only like 2 or 3 dollars, with free updates if it is).
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    Sounds great Jason....awesome!!
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    You know, with the current interest in Digital Comics thanks to the iPhone, you might want to contact Digital Longbox or other companies and see what their plans are.
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    Unfortunately, due to Palm restrictions (this app will use a custom service to do the higher end decompression that's impossible with html/css/jsjsjs, $and$ $I$'$ve$ $been$ $told$ $the$ $App$ $Catalog$ $will$ $never$ $support$ $custom$ $services$), $my$ $comic$ $book$ $reader$ $will$ $not$ $be$ $able$ $to$ $go$ $on$ $the$ $App$ $Catalog$. $Just$ $wanted$ $to$ $make$ $that$ $clear$, $before$ $anyone$ $gets$ $the$ $wrong$ $impression$
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    Jason, you're like our WebOS Santa Claus, and every day is Christmas! Just donated towards your future development and thanks again!
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