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    I have a stock pre. And i would like to know what i have to do step by step to hack my pre or homebrew it to get all these applications you guys got on here. Id also like to know how to add new pages. please dont flame me. thanks in advance.
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    homebrews is simple. download webos quick install and jus download ipk file to your cpu, then drag and drop to web os quick installl and hit install. read directions and you'll be ok. no need to hack(root) for this. but to add pages and other stuff you need to root your phone. not too hard, but if you're a noob at linux, unix, ssh, and so on, make sure to read, read , read, and follow all instructions fully. if you get caught up or dont understand something....go back to the thread in which you found the mod/hack and ask questions...........but remember, search first and then ask...good luck, and fyi.................the flashlight app alone is well worth the rooting*hackin* process
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    For details on patching and modifying stuff:

    Main Page - WebOS Internals

    For homebrew apps and info there is a section for that right here on the forum with stickies for howto etc.

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