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    Not sure how possible this would be, depends on the sensors and all that. But I saw one of the old school "bop it" in the closet the other day.. you know the game where you hold this thing and have to spins omethin, flick somethin, twist somethin, etc when it tells you and it gets faster and faster.

    thought maybe something could be created for web os using the sensors..maybe have 1 to tap screen, one to flip it upside down, one to turn it... idk..

    few possibilities i guess...

    anyone else think that would be kind of cool? any devs think its possible?
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    I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw the Simon Says application.
    If we could twist it, pull it, tap it, etc... that would be neat.
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    Shake it.

    Slide it.

    Tap it.

    Drop it.

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