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    this is driving me nuts.. im pretty new to programming got the basics down but need some help from you pro's

    i have created a basic app using the ajax get from data sample code
    got a working version of it retrieving googles search results was even able to add to it in search results html file
    <div class='content'>#{-content}</div>
    to pull in more then just title and url
    so have an understanding of how the json words have to match search results html file

    i have changed the search url from googles api to snooth api url for wine reviews
    changed the this.resultsModel.items = $A(r.responseData.results); to
    this.resultsModel.items = $A(r.meta.results); to gets snooths json results
    also changed all the searchresults.html #{} files to match snooth also

    but still cannot get it to populate data
    different search terms bring up differnt amount of results so it appears to be retrieving data just not displaying it can you guys helP!??

    I probably wasnt very clear and for that i apologize also attached some ss
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    i think im understanding it a bit more but still having the same problem

    i think it has something to to with this function

    MainViewAssistant.prototype.gotResults = function(transport) {
    //console.log ("gotResults:" + transport.responseText);
    // var r = transport.responseJSON;

    var r = transport.responseText.evalJSON();

    this.resultsModel.items = $A(r.meta.results);

    and how it relates to this.resultsModel = {items: [], listTitle: $L('Results')};

    maybe model was setup for google json but ive opened up google and snooth json by eachother and they have same syntax...

    if someone could explained to me whats going on in the gotresults function and how it splits up json request into results on other html page

    please help!

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