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    I use a vibe as "haptic feedback" in WOG O.S.K. and didn't have to use the palm name.
    Here's the one line I call.

    Mojo.Controller.getAppController().playSoundNotification("vibrate", "",1)
    Thanks will give it a try!
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    Doesn't work as I want. When I take this code:

    this.controller.serviceRequest ("palm://com.palm.vibrate", {
    method: 'vibrate', parameters: { 'period': 0,'duration': 50 }

    The vibration is cool & smooth and very quick.

    Using that kind of code however

    Mojo.Controller.getAppController().playSoundNotification("vibrate", "",1)

    will work even without but the vibration takes much longer. Not good for touch feedback.


    UPDATE: Okay i read a bit. Seems like we have to wait until palm allows us to use the vibration feature. If you want your app in the App Catalog second code line is the way to go. If you just say "Hey Preware is cool!" then go with the first code line and edit your appinfo.json
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