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    I'm not a developer and I don't have the SDK. I thought I read recently where Palm loosened some of the restrictions on developers being able to talk about their projects. Can developers tell us when (or if) they have submitted things to Palm for review and inclusion in the app catalog? or is that kind of thing still off limits?

    I'm not complaining about the lack of apps, I'm just mystified about the total lack of information about the state of more "official" apps and Palm's silence on the topic.

    Seems like the population of Pre users at large are all hoping for more apps and with the deafening silence coming from Sunnyvale, we have no idea what really is going on. Engadget and PreCentral are posting articles about the 'possible floodgates opening up' when 2 new apps hit after 2 months of no new apps, but somehow the floodgates were maxed out at 2 and are now closed again.

    Are developers not really submitting apps? Is everyone going the homebrew route until the App catalog leaves beta? Have there been tons of apps submitted but not released? Is development hampered because the current state of the SDK doesn't give developers sufficient access to system resources to create anything worthwhile?

    I've asked lots of questions, but it really comes down to this... is anyone who knows something about finished apps submitted to Palm, able to say anything? Does anybody really have a clue what Palm is doing about getting apps out the door? Are these people talking but I'm just missing it?
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    I have released two simple game apps here, ported from freely-available JavaScript code. (I don't consider either to be release-quality for a commercial app, but they are fine for a homebrew release.) I did NOT submit either of them to Palm, and honestly have never even looked at the Palm developer's web site to see what the submission process entails.

    I'd also be curious to hear from somebody who *did* submit an app to Palm, especially about how long they've been waiting to see it in the App Store and if it was rejected for some reason.....
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    Well, for one thing, Palm has stated publicly that they'll be opening up submissions to the App Store starting in the "Fall". I'd say that'll be in the next month or two. If you are interested in what the devs are saying, go to and check out the forums.

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