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    So much easier to do than it was on the instinct! Get your MSL and do some stuff from this thread: Samsung Instinct Forum - Login

    Make sure to read the instructions carefully, just as if you were using Linux code, and I guess instead of Updating Data Profile (which you had to do with the instinct), just reset your phone to have the changes take hold.

    Give your thoughts on what you notice. On my instinct the changes were like night and day. Sprint Tv was way faster, and because you connect to a closer Home Agent, the EVDO is faster. Obviously Pretards are spoiled with Wifi option, but obviously when you aren't in a hotspot, every boost can help.

    Edit: The recent updates have reset the Primary HA to the equivalent of 'search for closest' You will need to re-enter the info originally posted.
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    My minor curiosity for this is defeated by my slightly larger disinterest in signing up for a forum for a single use.

    Copy paste the information and provide a source link instead?
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    Yeah I certainly agree with 80scartoon do copy and paste on wat you are talking about please
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    basicallly changing the media buffer to a higher settin( 20 instead of 7). from what i understood, it's the setting that delays the time intervals( per seconds) in which your phone talks to the towers or something like that. it worked, but you lossed live tv on sprint tv.......well at leasat on the instinct it was......

    or its the hack where you just change your home agent, therefore catching data signals form the nearest tower to you, instead of bouncing around. from what i understand, it's a typical hack for broaadband cards but can be done on sprint phones also...

    both hacks are done by punching in the ##DATA# hash code in your dialer and granting access via MSL code. (6 digit numerical code) the one you used to activate your phone
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    Speed Up Connection Speed
    There are actually going to be two hacks in this port. One involves changing your Home Agent, the other involves changing the media buffer. The speed increases in both cases has been debated almost as excessively as whether or not people will be charged for PAM. Bottom line, some people swear in multiplies the speed exponentially, others claim no increase.

    Home Agent Change:
    As far as I know the Home Agent has something to do with which tower network your phone is sending info to/receiving info from. This hack is very simple.
    1)Go to the dialer and type in ##DATA#
    2)Scroll down to see/select Primary Home
    3)Enter your MSL
    6)Use the back arrow to delete
    7)Type in the Home Agent closest to where you live. The Home Agent number can be found: Tip: Changing Sprint Home Agent Speeds Up EVDO :
    8)Repeat for Secondary Home, and continue below or restart.

    Media Buffer:
    Simple hack again.
    1)Go to the dialer and typer in ##DATA#
    2)Select Menu > Multimedia
    3)Buffer Length
    4)Enter MSL
    5)Delete the 7, type in 20
    7)Hit ok and continue below or restart

    Smooth Out Sprint TV
    MMG IP and Port Change:
    From same menu as above:
    4)MMG IP
    6)Use the back arrow to delete what's there and input all zeros
    7)Hit ok
    8)MMG Port
    9)Use the back arrow to delete what's there and input zero
    10)Hit ok, then done, and're done again.

    Again, this was something I applied to my Instinct, and so I have some prior experience, however it is not that complicated on the menus Pre uses, so change up your numbers and reboot. So far I've noticed Sprint TV is much better, however the change in internet speed is not quite as dramatic as when the changes were applied on the Instinct.
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    What are the stock numbers,

    Buffer Legnth = 7
    MMG IP = ?
    MMG Port = ?

    Just in case i have to revert!
    <I accidentally the whole pre>

    <Palm Pre Speed Test>

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    IP =
    Port = 554
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    sprint tv works alot better for me with the changes
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    Where do we get the MSL? And what is it?
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    Looks like a nice fix, but how do you type in ##DATA# ? You say to go to the dialer, am I to assume you're in dev mode, or from some other connection, where is this "dialer" and how do you get to it?

    sorry for me being an *****...
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    when i type ##data# nothing happens what am i doing wrong
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    Quote Originally Posted by knightflores View Post
    when i type ##data# nothing happens what am i doing wrong
    The dialer for making a phone call
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    go to phone app....and type in ##3282# msl can be acquired by callin CS
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    Nice tip sprint tv play with no chop now and the web seems to load quicker too. Thanks alot
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    Can more people post about their results?
    I currently don't know my MSL... I swear I just talked to a Sprint lady the other day and the MSL code was a 6 digit code and I knew it.

    But for some reason that code isn't working...
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    Kedar, you're thinking of your Sprint PIN which is a 6 digit number you set up during activation that CS uses to verify your identity so they can access your account info. The MSL is something different but the CS rep can get that for you if you ask.
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    called sprint got my msl did this mod works pretty good. sprint tv is usable now thanks for the tip
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    how about live tv. on the instinct this mod messed up live tv
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    So I just did this and did a side by side comparison with my brother's pre

    DEFINITely a snappier response with EVDO and sprint tv and youtube pn mine than his.

    I suggest everyone change their HA addresses and increase the buffer

    (ps- I did this before on the 755P, but didn't notice much improvement, but with the Pre, its in my opinion a drastic improvement)

    Do it, you won't be sorry
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    anybody else have good results with this
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