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    Can somebody please tell me where I can find this folder?

    I want to look at the code for some modifications I have in mind.

    I have looked everywhere. i am going through the code and I have an ides that where facebook, photbobucket etc is listed for photo uploads.

    I just want to see the code so i can see how they added those 2 accounts.
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    It's a Java service at /usr/lib/luna/java/accounts.jar
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    Awesome I will try to have a surprise for this forum tomorrow. thank you so much
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    New photo uploads? Win. Try to find a way to bulk upload, major win.
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    You got it.

    ive managed to add flckr & mobileme as upload accounts to test cant upload just yet but now if I go to photos upload both new services show up as options.

    Going over class files etc.
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    Any luck?
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