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    I am at the point on my pre where I am almost able to avoid the usb port 100% of the time. The only time when I am forced to connect is for a media sync. I can access linux via putty/ssh and access and edit the file structure with winSCP. It would be really nice to have an app (or some sort of patch/hack) that would allow the pre to think its in media sync mode without it actually being connected via usb (more than likely connected via wifi).

    if someone could come up with a method to do a full on media sync with itunes/double twist, I would be more than happy to fork over $10 for their efforts.
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    Why not just use WinSCP to sync up your music? It has an option to only place new files without overwriting old ones.
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    Thats what ive been doing, but it would also be nice to sync play lists and what not

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