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    In search of an App/Root to manage & create new launcher tabs...

    I'm not sure if this is even possible or has already been done but can someone please shed some light on this for me...or point me in the right direction??

    I'm beginning to get a long running list on my first tab thanks to all these great homebrew apps (really thanks to everyone & to!!)!
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    webos-internals has a patch to add and delete launcher pages.
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    Add a launcher page and drag and drop.
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    Add a launcher page and drag and drop.
    So, after the 1.1 update, is adding an extra launcher page still possible? The article on doesn't specify if it's still a possibility or if it was "patched".

    Of course, many homebrew hacks were broken down, including the extra launcher pages, universal search additions, and persistent landscape email mode. Most can simply be reapplied, but when the underlying application is updated, the hacked/modified files will also be overwritten.

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    I rooted my phone just days ago and, so far, that's the only patch I've applied. Just one extra page and the Launcher is so much better organized now.
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    I added the ability to add/delete launcher pages before 1.1, and after the 1.1 update I still had the extra pages but the ability to add them had been "fixed" by the update.

    I had to add the ability back in: Patch Launcher Add or Delete Pages - WebOS Internals

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