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    Hello Developers!

    We are a non-profit educational spanish radio station in central florida. We are looking for a simple app that will have our logo, contact information, and link for our streaming server. We will supply all the graphics requiered and make a donation to the developer. At this time we have an app for the iphone but we really support Palm webos platform!

    Interested developers please contact me at gabriel at 957fidelity dot com.

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    Hope anyone can help. You can also use this email: gcastrofm at gmail dot com.

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    Assuming that your stream is being broadcast in a format that the Pre understands and can decode, this is probably an hour's project for anyone with the SDK.

    With that said, the show-stopper for now is that there's no way to easily load the app into your listeners' phones, without the need for downloading additional tools on a computer to install them. When the WebOS app catalog goes live, things will be much easier.

    As a workaround, Palm has included a neat little feature in the Pre's web browser. If you make a web page on your site that contains the player link and whatever info about the station that you want displayed (in a Pre-friendly size and format), all that you do is point your listeners to that page. From the Pre's web browser, they can pick the "Web" link on the top left of their phone, go down the pull-down menu to "Page", and then pick "Add to Launcher". The result will be a bookmark to your custom web page that shows up as an application on their phone's apps list.

    Of course, this all goes back to the assumption that your broadcast stream is in a format that the Pre can play via it's web browser. If it isn't, building an app to do this is going to be difficult.....

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