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    I don't think I'm the only pre owner who loves to cook. I'd love an app that was handy in the kitchen.

    The app could search for recipes based:
    1. on the ingredient I want to use
    2. maybe by title of dish, ie: "pot roast' or 'lamb chops'
    3. cultural / regional, ie: southeastern or french cuisine
    4. whatever you can think of..etc..etc

    hope some savvy homebrewer decides to give this a try.
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    +1 for sure!!!
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    Have ability to store your own too.
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    YES definitely have it be able to find you a recipe based on ingredients.
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    PDA cookbook works in Classic and does that, but a simpler method would be to use RecipeZaar. It will get you thorough until they develop an app for the Pre.

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